ICT Access Introduction

ICT Access Progressive Activities- Introduction

This scheme sets out a progression of skills in order to achieve good access to a computer. The scheme is linked to assessment for ICT at P Levels.

In general the scheme should be followed linearly. There are eight stages to work through. Most of these stages are split into steps. Access to all previous stage software should be available to students to practice when they choose (ie if a student is working at Stage 5 then allow them access to Stages 4 and below to work on in their own time).

A wealth of software has been suggested to recognise that some students may spend a long time working at any particular stage. The software will continue to be added to. However it is not necessary for a student to work through all the software in a particular stage, if you are happy the student has the relevant skill then move them up through the programme (they can always go back to software in their own time if they choose to).

Most students will require help in loading the programs during the early stages of the scheme, and some will require help in using the programs, however it is important to try to promote independence as much as possible. Peer support should be encouraged.