What are Switches?

Switches come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and are operated in different ways. Usually this is through a push motion but you can also buy switches that you grasp, pull, suck or even blink into.

People who find it difficult to access the keyboard and the mouse can use a single switch or a combination of switches instead. Switches can help people with a variety of different physical disabilites or learning difficulties.


Different types of Switches and Switch Accessories


Ablenet Switch Ablenet Big Red Switch
Joy Cable Joy Cable
Sip and PuffSip and Puff 2 Sip and Puff Switch
Crick USB Switch Adapter Crick USB Switch Adapter
Switch Mounting Arms Switch Mounting Arms
Mains Switch Interface Mains Switch Interface
Wobble Switch Wobble Switch
Table Tapper Table Tapper
Squeeze Switch Squeeze Switch
Plate Switch Plate Switch
it-Switch it-Switch
Battery Switch Adaptors Battery Switch Adaptors
Toy Control Timers Toy Control Timers
Impulse Bluetooth Switch Impulse Bluetooth Switch
Tash Soft Switch Tash Soft Switch